5 Tips to Keep Your College Dorm Room Organized

Every year, millions of new students move to a dorm to embark on a multi-year college journey. Dorms are great for making new friends and forging networking organically. However, a typical dorm room is usually tiny which means less storage space and a high chance of messiness. But don’t worry! We have some dorm room organization tips for girls that can help you to make the best out of what you have. With a little planning and some strategic purchases, you can make your dorm room as comfortable as your own home. The list below provides tips that will keep your college room organized. Check it out now.

1. Make use of the vertical space in your dorm room

Your dorm room might not be big enough so you will have to utilize the vertical space to make the most out of it. Use the door of your dorm room to good effect. Install towel holders and shelves on your door to maximize storage space. You can store many things in these shelves such as media and toiletries etc. The best thing is that these shelves come in all sizes and shapes. Some are deep while some are wide. Choose what suits you the most. The installation of these shelves depends upon their size and model. However, you may want to go for small shelves that don’t require any kind of drilling. Also, remember to check with your RA if this violates any dorm rule.

2. Educate yourself about command hooks

Command hooks can be a savior for those who lives in a dorm room. These hooks are the best alternative of nails and there are many benefits of installing them in your room. Because they are easy to install and don’t damages the wall you can easily take them down. You can use these hooks to hang your keys, umbrellas, artworks, pictures and even bag packs.

3. Create an emergency plan for your dorm room

Organizing doesn’t mean to occupy a place, it means to adjust yourself in such a way that provides you with the comfort. As you are living away from your home there might be no one that can help you in emergency. So, you have to be prepared. Make a box for your medicines and first aid so in case you are not feeling well, you don’t have to go out to take the medicines. Get a tool box because you never know what needs to be fixed in your dorm room. Keep the daily life necessities such as scissors, thread and needles, paper clip, glue, scotch tape and many other same things.

4. Hidden dorm-room storage under your bed

In general, girls have much more stuff than boys. This may not be always true, but one thing is — more storage is better. So make use of space that is often neglected, for example, space under your bed is generally a place that remains under-utilized. Turn this space into an active storage. You can place your bags under the beds and can even place your footwear under it. Usually the beds are high enough to be used for storage purposes but in case your bed is not raised enough to be used the you can buy lofts for your bed. These lofts can raise your bed high enough to use the storage under it. Obviously, this tip wouldn’t work if you get the top bunk in a shared dorm room that has a bunk bed.

5. Tiny dorm room kitchen

Usually small fridges and microwave ovens are allowed in a dorm room. Make full use of the space that is occupied by the fridge. There are some shelves available in the market that can be placed over these fridges and microwave ovens that help create extra storage space. There are also metal shelves that can be used to store your snacks and some other things like mugs, bowls and plates. These shelves are moveable and adjustable but make sure that it fits your dorm room space.

I hope you found something useful from this article. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any suggestion.